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Self-pay Communities

Start Feeling Better Today!
Doctor Slayton will see you by appointment in his office on your schedule.  For *same day* office urgent care and home visit appointments, please phone the office line to check availability (562) 338-5200.
Otherwise please BOOK YOUR VISIT ONLINE and you'll receive both a text message and e-mail confirming your appointment.
Typical physician services include primary health maintenance, X-rays, labs, EKG, medication management, referrals and wound repair.

Commercial urgent and primary care is often high-speed, impersonal, and with long wait times. I’m a doctor who will listen to your concerns and partner with you into the future.  I’ll likewise get to know you as a friend and neighbor!

The self-pay patient often forgoes necessary medical treatment because of high costs and a non-existent doctor-patient relationship.  I’m working to change that.

About Dr. Slayton 
Shawn grew up in Long Beach, CA and attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut. After leaving the military he spent a decade on Wall Street. Thereafter, he decided to pursue his passion for medicine and attended medical school at Michigan State University. This education afforded him the opportunity to train in one of the most challenging urban environments in the US: Flint, Michigan.
Dr. Slayton is also a Naval physician; his wife Sonja is a director of admissions at UC San Diego. They live with their son Salinger and daughter Elliot in University Heights.
Shawn holds an MD, and masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business.


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